Monday, September 19, 2011

Liberty Plaza

 Welcome Home

If you have read my previous blogs, you know that I made a decision to adopt an Urban Nomad lifestyle as a means to live rent free for 1 year and to promote a new Share Trade economy based on cashless reciprocal gift giving.  I arrived at this decision as a response to what I percieved to be chance circumstances and a desire to leave behind old ways of thinking that were not producing results.  Little did I know that so soon after I began this process, I would discover that not only are the ideas and lifestyle change that I took upon myself as a challenge would so quickly prove to be the exact opposite.  A decision to try something outside my own comfort zone and the conventions of society has conveniently and effortlessly opened me up to a new set of circumstances in which pretty much everything I have been asking for is before me like a key to a secret door.

I am writing from Liberty Plaza, a park just a block from Wall Street which was liberated by the Occupy Wall Street movement which now serves as the staging area for our demonstrations.  But for me personally, it is so much more than that.  It is the perfect testing ground for my ideas about Share Trade and reciprocal gift giving.  It is also now my home, as I am one of the demonstrators who sleep here in order to hold the space.  It is the home of many other Urban Nomads who will live here rent free, hold the space, and practice Share Trade with each other.

At this point it should become apparent that I am not the author of this blog, but rather the Universe is writing it through me.  I as a human being could never be this clever, that I could create a set of problems and then solve them in a completely unexpected manner so subtly.  Either that, or the power of my wish for these things in my life was heard by the Universe at it obliged them with great promptness.  Because only two months earlier I was in a very uncomfortable situation of not having a home and not knowing if I would have a supportive community to help me manage.  Now, I not only have a home which I can live at rent free, I have a whole revolutionary operation with like minded comrades, and I am living my deepest desire which was to be a full-time revolutionary.  And every need I have is already taken care of, as I don't even have to buy food anymore.  The movement is recieving donations online from supporters who wish to help take care of us.  We recieved $2,800 worth of contributions to the pizza fund yesterday, and everytime I turn around someone is handing me a cup of coffee.

The Occupy Wall Street movement is truly global in scope and we are connected to our comrades in Egypt, Tunisia, Spain, Greece and others that have been fighting to take their governments back from oppressors and return it to the People.  As such we have supporters all over the world following what we are trying to create in NYC.  When you are ready to be free once and for all of having the banks and corporations control us, come join us in Liberty Plaza.  We need every person we can get out here.  It is also the most fun you can have with some of the awesomest people I have ever met, from all over the country.

Order from Department of Buildings to Vacate

Let's go back for a minute to the reason this project started in the first place, my former apartment.  Upon returning to NYC from my vacation to visit my family in PA, I stopped by the old apartment to see if any of my mail was still being delivered there.  I discovered that, not surprisingly, the building had been evacuted by the Department of Buildings due to "conditions imminently perilous to life."  I had been aware of the structural instability of the building for a long time and made numerous attempts to get the landlord to address the problems.  I even reported problems on countless occasions to the Department of Buildings.  Nothing ever came of my complaints other than the occasional fixed leaks in the roof.  The larger issues remained unaddressed, and when it was apparent that the landlord had no interest whatsoever in fixing the problems or spending any money at all on repairs, my roommate and I decided to negotiate out of our lease.  Less than two months later the building would prove to not be able to withstand Hurricane Irene. 

I feel bad for the new tennants that I noticed were living in the building and who probably lost a lot of their belongings.  But at the time, my first reaction was to wonder if I would have been better off not to have gotten out of the lease, because this would have been indisputable evidence of my case and I could have sued my landlord after all.  But now I realize that such scarity thinking was born of my situation at the time being homeless and not feeling support for my project and concern that I would fail.  What I didn't realize was the Universe was already at work in my favor, that I had been delivered from an unsound apartment and living situation, forced out of my element only to realize that a greater abundance than I could ever have imagined was waiting for me where I was least likely ever to look for it.  For that I am truly grateful and truly blessed.  The message I want to leave you with is that the Universe is listening.  All you can ask for is waiting, but you must be willing to give up that which you think you have and give away what you don't need.  You have to be willing to serve others ahead of yourself.  Only then, when you have given what was needed of you, does the Universe return in full.  I hope that you will take this as inspiration to try something different, to step outside your comfort zone, and for everything someone gives you give back to magnitude of times three.  Join us down at Liberty Plaza, learn with us how to serve each other and teach each other, to stand together in the face of that which seeks to destroy us, and to give all we have in order to recieve all we need.  Then we can truly co-create the world that we have always wanted.


  1. Very interesting that you are living in a way advocated by Jesus Christ; that is, to give up everything worldly and live with the faith the God would provide what you need. While it is obvious from your statements about what the Universe has done from you you are not a believe, yet, you are in some ways more of one than you may realize.

    btw: Keep up the good work #ourwallstreet

  2. Yes, I used the term "Universe" intentionally, as it is a more neutral and less regligiously conotative. I could have used any number of terms to describe the same experience, but I prefer put it in terms so as not to exclude any person regardless of their beliefs with identifying with what I am doing and what is guiding me. Thank you very much Mark.

  3. Kelly.... I'm so proud to know you. I'm totally sharing this, as usual! If I could be in Liberty Park, I would. Know I'm there in spirit!!!

  4. The decision to adopt an Urban Nomad "scum -of-the-earth" lifestyle as a means to live rent free for 1 year and to promote a new Share Trade economy based on cashless reciprocal gift giving is not a NEW IDEA you fool... it's as old as pieces of shit like you have walked the planet!

  5. I just saw you on MSNBC. You have my support. My issue with our economy is the uneven distribution of wealth. My skills can only get about $11/hour in this economy. Working at that pay is nothing less than exploitation so I refuse to work for less than $16/hour. As a result I am unemployed and running out of money. I would rather be homeless than allow myself to be exploited. I think we need to organize a nationwide strike on the part of people making less than $12/hour until their pay is raised to that level. This would send a strong message to the wealthy that we are not going to let you exploit us anymore.

    I will be homeless at the end of October. I will be visiting communes for a few weeks then going to Florida to hike the Florida Trail for the winter. I hope to get to NY before I leave so I can meet you and join in a protest.

    Good Luck

  6. Amazing... now I know there is hope, seeing young people that are taking charge of their live and not waiting for the "big guys" to solve it all. congratulations

  7. Kelly, much of what you say resonates with me. At 58 many would categorize me as a "loser." I share an apartment, work a couple of part-time, low-wage jobs, and have my monthly expenses down to $1,000. If my mom didn't need me to drive her to doctor appointments I would sell my car and be rid of the burden of gas and insurance. I too am fed up with this institutionalized slavery we call "freedom." It's a sham.

    There are so many of us now living at or below the poverty level -- and adapting -- that we, in talking with each other, discover that we are part of a very interesting, creative, symbiotic brotherhood. If we work together we can throw off the yoke of these fat banker oppressors. And I agree, it is about giving and receiving.

    Ironically, it's the bankers who have created this culture. It is they who have caused us to realize it is possible to live on far less, while their garages are crammed with crap their children will choose to burn or send to Goodwill after they are dead. And the simple tasks they "can't do for less than $500" we can do for $50 ... because comparatively, to us it is a tidy sum.

    And they ... the greedy ticks ... have created us.

    I commend you, Kelly, for leaping into this year of discovery.

    At some point I would like to arrange a phone interview with you for the purpose of recording it and sharing it, as well as keeping up with events at OWS. Obviously we can't depend on our media.

  8. Hi Chinook, thanks for your comments. It is pointless to continue to try to adapt to a system that has no need for us. we need to creatively solve problems for ourselves. everyone has skills that are not being put to use. occupy wall street is validation for these ideas. it is clear a new paradigm is emerging: collective action, skill-share and communal resources as means to provide for ourselves and the common good. too long we have been disempowered by a system that has told us to care only about our individual concerns, to be isolated from our community. true strength is found in uniting with others and finding our common needs and purpose. thanks for reading, add me on facebook and we can discuss more.