Wednesday, November 9, 2011

(Occupy) The Paradigm Shift

Answering the Call of our Highest Selves

A transition toward a new paradigm has been unfolding on this planet for thousands of years.  It is a process occuring within the consciousness of humanity.  Certain individuals, initiates or adepts of occult knowledge, are aware of this process.  Throughout history, they have guided the process as it has unfolded.  Some have guided it with pure intentions.  Others have tried to impose their will on it so that it would manifest to the benefit of their own interests.  Many are responsible for guiding and shaping it without even being consciously aware of it.

The revolution that started as the Arab Spring and has now become a global phenomenon as the Occupy Wall Street movement, is a visible manifestation of this new paradigm and this new consciousness.  To characterize these movements simply as political or economic, does not get to the heart of the matter.  First and foremost, these movements spring from the deepest desire of human beings to be able to live their lives with dignity, to be free from oppression and injustice.  It is this innermost desire that has given the movements its strength, to withstand repression and to topple dictators.  It is what has given individuals the willingness to risk physical harm to their bodies and well being.  But furthermore, it is coming from a deeper consciousness that has been unfolding throughout time and is set to become known to all as the new paradigm takes hold.

Astrologically, these events are predicted by the influence of Pluto in Capricorn, which causes great changes in governance.  Interestingly, the last time this alignment occured was during the American Revolution.  We can see history playing itself out again, as Occupy Wall Street quite literally is in the process of reordering the process by which we reach decisions, govern ourselves, and eventually, how we conduct ourselves as a society.  But even more interesting is the implications of this shift at the spiritual level.

The author Colin Wilson speaks in many of his works about a condition called Faculty X, which is an innate ability to percieve levels of meaning beyond the ordinary.  It is the same faculty that can be attributed to telepathy, clairvoyance, energetic healing and other paranormal abilities.  Many people have natural abilities in these areas.  Most people, however, have the ability to develop these attributes through effort and focused attention, since Faculty X is innate to all human beings.  As a matter of fact, developing these attributes are important for the full expression of the gifts and talents each individual has, and are an important spiritual practice.  Every religion has a mystical aspect.

Of course, the paranormal throughout history has been regarded with a lot of fear and suspicion.  The word "occult" itself has sinister connotations, although the meaning of the word is "hidden," and refers specifically to those hidden abilities that are not easily explained.  In the past, those with natural abilities often had to concel them because of the fear it engenders in those who don't understand it.  They would have to form secret societies so they could work with other adepts to develop their abilities.  But now, we are entering a new age and we can discuss these things much more openly than in the past.

I have always had a very strong sense of intuition, and I began working to develop these abilities at a young age.  At least since around 2001 I have been openly sharing my abilities with people who are interested.  There had been many indications that I wasn't alone and that a lot of people were attuned to the same messages I was recieving.  Sharing with others was a process in discovering my true identity.  Along the way I had several powerful experiences.  One example was my meeting with the channel Alex Murray.  He went into a trance and communed with my spirit guides, and gave me a message from them.  The message was that I have a powerful ability to understand symbols, and that is why they chose me.  He said someday I might even write a book. 

The new consciousness has existed in the subconscious of humanity for ages.  Certain individuals have had the ability to access this consciousness and prepare humanity for the time that it would be actualized on the planet.  Others have deliberately tried to mislead humanity about the new consciousness for their own selfish motives.  It matters little, because the new consciousness will be manifest and the light will be cast regardless of the desires of the ego.  It will be an Age of Awakening, the shadows will be removed and all will become visible.

The great occultist Aleister Crowley described it as the Aeon of the Crowned and Conquering Child, or the Aeon of Horus.  The symbology of the Crowned and Conquering Child represents the ascendancy of the Individual.  The previous aeons of Isis and Osiris represent matriarchy and patriarchy, respectively.  The age of patriarchy is coming to an end, and rising in place is the age of the child, which is a product of both its mother and father.  Thus the coming age will be a new paradigm that is a more harmonized balance between matriarchy and patriarchy, the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine.  The child furthermore represents the Inner Child, the aspect of us that is purest in form, our most innocent and truest self expression.  It's the identity of who we truly are, rather than the face we show society.  The key is to harmonize these different aspects within ourselves and to bring forth our Highest Selves.  The new paradigm will value the Individual as the basis of society, that individuals will work together for the good of all so that all can develop themselves and express their highest nature.

Some secret occult societies that are in power today and have been in power throughout history understand the coming shift and that it will correspond with the Individual assuming power.  They have misinterpreted the symbol of the child, taking it to represent the freedom of the child from morality, from being held accountable for knowing right from wrong.  They believe the new age will be about powerful Individuals who can hide the truth and steer humanity for their benefit, because they are the enlightened ones who are beyond good and evil.  These dark societies and their influence will be exposed in the coming years, and their errors will be proven to all.  The truth cannot remain hidden in the age of revealing, and it is merely an ego attachment to attempt to direct the inevitable outcome.  All will have to confront their own darkness before they can enter into the new paradigm.

              Democracy is Coming to the USA

The year 2012 has had significance for occultists and a variety of spiritual traditions for a long time.  I am not going to discuss the different ideas associated with the date other than to say it will be when a tipping point is reached in the consciousness of mankind, and the ideas of the new paradigm will be ready to blossom.  But the way forward starts with each individual.  A new society based on respect and tolerance for each individual will require healing on a profound personal and spiritual level.  Each individual will have to undergo a personal transformation to access their highest potential to serve the greatest good. 

I recently had my birth chart analyzed by an astrologer friend of mine to see what my next actions should be and how best I can be of service in these times of change.  He indicated that I have the chart of a spiritual teacher and reformer, and that speaking and writing are very strong in my chart.  It was interesting to hear because I have in fact been doing a lot of public speaking and writing lately.  I was recently asked to do a guest column for Newtopia Magazine  It will be called Occupy and Evolve, and will be a weekly series about Occupy Wall Street how it relates to the emerging new paradigm.  I also spoke at the book release for What Comes After Money? with Daniel Pinchbeck, Ken Jordan and Sharon Gannon recently at Jivamukti, and at the left-wing think tank Demos with historian Michael Kazin.  This blog started me off on a path of seemingly chance circumstances, which lead to opportunities I didn't know existed, but my birth chart confirms that all of this is what my destiny had in store for me all along.  My Highest Self is to act as a guide and spokesperson for the new paradigm.  To connect with people, assist in the process of shifting consciousness and help make sense of it as it unfolds.  This is what has been channeled through me from my spirit guides.  It is not me writing it.  I am only taking down the dictation that I recieve.

I have been doing the work that I have been called to do since at least 2004.  I have mostly been doing it quitely in the background, but now the time is right to do so in a much more public manner.  There are several projects I have in the works that require funding.  One such project will involve visiting to sacred sites around the world and will result in a documentary or a book.  Below is a link more information and the donation page.  If you are able to offer support to my mission of service to humanity, it is greatly appreciated.

My Speaking Engagement at Demos with Michael Kazin

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