Friday, June 22, 2012

5 proposals

I have always been an anarchist, but since not everyone is as enlightened as I am and No Government is a long way away I would settle for government that actually works. Here are 5 proposals that would actually make government work.

1. Tax the Church. I've just created billions of dollars of revenue simply by adhering to the First Amendment separation of church and state. Besides, we are a SECULAR nation, the Constitution could not be clearer in stating no establishment of religion. Yet the religious conservative movement is exerting way too much influence over political discourse. Issues such as Gay Marriage, abortion and contraception are Individual personal or medical choices, not subjects to be legislated. These distractions from real issues within the domain of governance can be removed simply by powerfully affirming that our nation was designed to be secular, while religious matters are private. Churches need to be subject to the same rules as corporations and non-profits regarding political activity and should be taxed the same.

2. Eliminate Income Tax, instead institute a Single Tax on Land Value. By making land common property, I've made housing affordable for everyone and by allowing workers to keep their income, I've raised the standard of living to a level that would virtually eliminate poverty. According to Geoist philosophy, people own their labor and the things they create, while the things of nature belong equally to all. Taxing land instead of income would reduce income inequality. The wealthy could keep their income, but pay heavily for the 5 houses they own.

3. End the Drug War. This would cut billions in taxpayer expenditures, shrink the defense budget used to prosecute the drug war, put terrorist and drug cartels out of the drug business through legalization and taxation, and reduce prison populations by more than 1 million. Legalization of medical marijuana would create billions in tax revenue and milions of new jobs. The tax money could then be used to fund drug treatment and holistic healing centers instead of incarceration. No victim, no crime. This of course would also deprive the CIA of funding being that it is th worlds largest drug dealer and force accountability in the intelligence community.

4. Abolish Usury. The classic definition of usary is to lend money on interest. Since this practice is the basis of the entire global financial system, I don't know exactly what the solution would be in the modern context. I do know that Wall Street and the banking system should be completely shut down and reformed. The Federal Reserve, which is a private bank that loans money to the US Government on interest, is the prime example of usury and should be abolished. The power over currency should be restored to congress. Next, I would create at least some kind of cap as to how much money commercial banks can earn off a loan, regardless of how long it takes to repay it. Investment banking needs to be evaluated with much stronger restrictions on speculation. It would be helpful to move to a currency based on a tangible asset rather than fiat. Fractional Reserve banking is fraud and Wall Street is a casino.

5. No Taxation without Representation. No more career politicians. Since congress i s owned by banks, corporations and lobbyists, I would institute congressional term limits. It is harder to buy influence if congress is regularly rotated. I would like to see a new branch of congress composed entirely of unelected citizens. The 99% Commission. It be a random group of taxpayers that would get to view any bill before it is voted on and give approval or disapproval, which could then influence the vote. It would be citizens doing their job as citizens, which they don't do because the corporate media is bought off an doesn't keep them informed. This panel would be like serving jury duty. People are selected at random and have a chance to participate in the debate on the measure before congress votes. Congress can either amend the bill or ignore the citizen panel and vote anyway. It would be on record wether each new law was passed with or without consent of an independent citiens panel.

In conclusion, I've create billions in new revenue, cut billions in spending, created millions of jobs, eliminated poverty and homelessness, cut the income inequality gap, freed millions of nonviolent prisoners, reformed the finance sector, brought accountability and civic particiption to congress.

Tell me what Obama has done again?

This is Kelly Heresy and I approve of this message.

Now, what is your list of 5 things that you would change?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


As All of The Above, So All of The Below

LAST BLOG POST.  If you are of the Dragon Blood, You don't know how to read.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Ancestral Territory

It has been over 8 months since I became Intentionally Homeless.  At the time, I had no real idea of what I would be in store for me.  I simply knew that I had to try something different.  An opportunity arose to make a complete break from the past, to thrust myself into the unknown.  A comparison I've heard is to The Fool of the tarot deck, who happily wanders right off the edge of the cliff...

But now I realize that this journey is one of destiny.  It is something that I was uniquely prepared for, without having any knowledge of it at the time.  The circumstances aligned in such a way that I was ending my way of life as I had previously known it, selling off my posessions and attempting to live for 1 year out of a backpack.  I did this with the vague notion that by doing so, I would help kick start discussions about barter economies and intentional communities as viable alternatives to the present system.  The Occupy Movement was launched and now these ideas are common discourse.

What I didn't realize was how deeply the issue of rent is tied to my family history.  The position I've taken to not pay rent for one year is not about some disagreement I had with a landlord.  It is about the very concept of landlords and about our relationship to the land itself.  This relationship also happens to be deeply tied to my ancestors, who were Gaelic Cheiftans that ruled a portion of Ulster for countless generations before their land was confiscated by the British.

As an American from a family that had been in the U.S for several generations, I grew up far removed from the culture of my ancestors.  I only knew that my father's side of the family was from Ireland, and that my grandfather was born of immigrants but had died when my father was 16.  My father didn't retain the customs of the homeland apart from Catholicism and love of beer, but when I enquired as to how Irish we are his response was, "Irish-Irish."  As Irish as it gets.  He was correct, moreso than he even knew.  Had he known how to speak Gaelic, he may have said "Chomh Gaelic le Toin Ui hAnluain".

As it turns out, my Irish ancestors have their own Wikipedia entry:

The O'Hanlon Sept was one of the most well-known and powerful indigenous Gaelic clans.  They are recorded in the earliest written histories of Ireland, appear in folklore and songs, and British royal documents.  The O'Hanlon Sept were among the Roydama, or elite families of the Gaelic aristocracy eligible to be declared "Ard Ridgh" or "High King."  The sept was originally part of the O'neil clan, the Irish clan descended from Ireland's most famous High King Niall of the Nine Hostages, but later split off to form a distinct clan.  Their territory was located in Southern Ulster, where they ruled as kings of Orier for over 500 years.  The area was synonmous with the clan and known as "O'Hanlon's Countrie."  In Tandragee the clan had a castle which was the centerpiece of their stronghold.  Over a period of 90 years (1560-1650) during the Plantation of Ulster the O'Hanlon's along with many other native Gaelic clans lost much of their lands through confiscation and plantation by settlers supported by the British crown.  After the Battle of the Boyne, much of the land passed into Protestant control and Tandragee became the seat of the Orange Order.  The 1641 Ulster Rebellion saw the O'Hanlon's attempt to retake their lands, but it ended in disaster and the castle burned down and remained a ruin for 200 years before eventually being rebuilt by the Duke of Manchester.

In the 1596 book "A View of the Present State of Ireland," the English planter and poet Edmund Spencer noted in the popular expression, "Chomh Gaelic le Toin Ui hAnluain" which means "As Irish as O'Hanlon's breech."  The local Gaelic folk would have understood it as "Irish as O'Hanlon's arse."  This was a phrase used to describe people who are very Gaelic in there appearance or manners, or for English folks who adopt the customs of the native population.

The O'Hanlon's often had members on either side of a rebellion.  Sometimes they sided with the authorities in the English Pale if it served their interests, often they were on the side of the Gaelic aristocracy in opposition to the British crown.  Two of the most famous examples of how the O'Hanlon's dealt with colonial forces can be seen in Sir Eiochaidh O'Hanlon and Redmond O'Hanlon.

Sir Eiochaidh "Oghy" O'Hanlon was Chief of the O'Hanlon's, and in 1595 married the sister of the Earl of Tyrone.  His son and heir, Oghy Og was the great-grandson to the Earl of Kildare and thus a blue blood of the Plantagent Kings.  The Tudors had a policy of "surrender and regrant" in which Gaelic kings would swear allegiance to the crown and be allow to keep their lands.  Although Oghy had placed his people's land under English rule, and although he was knighted, he never made the cultural transition and remained an archetype of the Gaelic nation.  Redmond O'Hanlon on the other hand, rightful heir to the castle at Tandragee, would become a folk hero and something of an Irish Robin Hood.  He attempted to organize a French army to remove the British, and when those negotiations failed he became a notorious bandit who sought redress for the wrongs done to his ancestors.  He robbed the rich English landlords and was admired by the largely Catholic peasantry.  Redmond became Ireland's most famous outlaw and a symbol of the injustices of land confiscation.  He legend is recounted in numerous poems, ballads and folk songs, such as the one below:

  • Song: Redmond O'Hanlon
    (by P. J. McCall, 1861-1919) A shepherd that lives on Slieve Gullion
    Came down to the County Tyrone,
    And told us how Redmond O'Hanlon
    Won't let the rich Saxons alone!
    He rides over moorland and mountain,
    By night, till a stranger is found,
    Saying, 'Take your own choice for a lodging:
    Right over or under the ground!'
    If you whistle out 'Whoo!' like a native
    He leaves you the way to go clear;
    If you squeeze out a 'Hew!' like a Scotsman,
    You'll pay him a guinea a year.
    But if you cry 'Haw!' like a Saxon,
    Och, then, 'tis your life or your gold!
    By stages Count Redmond O'Hanlon
    Gets back what they plundered of old!
    Old Coote of Cootehill is heartbroken;
    And Johnston beyond in the Fews
    Has wasted eight barrels of powder
    Upon him, but all to no use!
    Although there's four hundred pounds sterling
    If Redmond you'd put out of sight;
    Mind, if the heart's dark in your body,
    'Tis Redmond will let in the light.
    The great Duke of Ormond is frantic -
    His soldiers get up with the lark
    To catch this bold Redmond by daylight;
    But Redmond caught them in the dark.
    Says he, when he stripped them and bound them.
    Take back my best thanks to his Grace
    For all the fine pistols and powder
    He sent to this desolate place!'
    Then, here's to you, Redmond O'Hanlon!
    Long may your Excellency reign
    High ranger of woods and of rivers,
    Surveyor of mountain and plain!
    Examiner-in-Chief of all traitors!
    Protector of all that are true.
    Henceforward, King Charlie of England
    May take what he gets, after you.
  • Tandragee Castle, former seat of the O'Hanlon.  Now headquarters for Tayto brand.

I had no idea I was descended from Gaelic High Kings until very recently.  I was raised as a middle class American, completely assimilated into the culture in which I was born and ignorant of my heritage.  And while it confirs no titles or landrights, I feel a sense of honor carrying on the name of the ancient tribal chieftans who lived on and defended their homelands for generations.  I also feel a sense of indignation that the castle that belonged to my ancestors is now owned by the Tayto company, the 3rd largest snack producer in the UK -  It is distasteful, a mockery of Irish history that a corporation, that a cartoon character potato is in possession of the ancient homelands of a proud people.  But then again, this is what corporations do all over the world.  Displace the indigenous population and erase their history.  I hope to have an opportunity to visit "O'Hanlon Countrie" and research my ancestry.  And maybe even OCCUPY THE CASTLE.

I am not sure if I am descended from either Sir Eochaidh or Redmond O'Hanlon, or if I am one of many who share a common last name. At any rate, I feel it was my destiny to embark on this path. If I started as The Fool from the tarot deck, I've arrived now as the Emperor. I feel it is my task to establish a new Kingdom. One in which all people are Self-Soveriegn, in which the land is cared for as a living being, and the natural ecosystems is protected and preserved.  In this sense, my protest against paying rent for 1 year is a statement in solidarity with my ancestors, who were tortured, killed and forced to pay rent on lands that belonged to them.  It is a statement in solidarity with all indigenous populations, who have had their land stolen from them.  The Earth is a living being.  It is our source of life.  It is not a commodity to be bought and sold, treated as an investment by wealthy landlords.  The lands we are living on are ancient ancestral lands.  Generations have fought and died to protect these lands.  Many of the people who live here in this country have come here because their ancestral lands were stolen from them.  What has been done is in the past.  But we can remember whose land we are living on, and make an effort to be a good steward of it.  We can start the process of healing by changing our relationship to the land we live on.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Year of The Dragon

Possible Corporate Sponsor for 2012:  The King of Beers?

Well here we are.  2012.  This is my mantra for 2012:

“Oh my God.  My life is so fucking perfect.  I can’t believe how totally awesome it is.  I don’t know what I did to deserve this except for the fact that I am God, and so is everyone else.  So I thank myself and everyone for ruling so much.”

I try to remember this first thing when I wake up in the morning.

Some might disapprove of the profanity or apparent sarcasm and consider disrespectful toward the Divine.  For me, it provides a detachment from the object of worship that is necessary for the type of gnosis I utilize in my magical practice.  I see the sacred and profane as two aspects of the same thing.  A harmonious balance for each ritual or magical operation would include some elements of both the sacred and profane, light and dark energy.  I know this is not for everyone.  The Universe has granted me the capacity to work with both light and dark energy.  This is why I like Chaos Magic, all paths are acceptable, the only consideration is the result.  The truth of the matter is that light and dark are equal, complimentary forces when held in balance, as with the Tao.  It is only when one of these forces is dominant that destructive and unnatural results occur.  Part of the reason why we experience so much suffering is because the Divine Feminine or dark or lunar aspect of ourselves has long been repressed by the Divine Masculine, light or solar aspect.  If you dispute this, ask yourself why the words that are considered profane are related to sexuality and the body.  Sexuality and the body are intrinsically related to the feminine principle, whereas reason and the mental aspects are associated with the masculine.   Part of the transition to the New Paradigm is returning to the proper balance of light and dark, or masculine and feminine energy.

Chaos utilizes all aspects, even those that people do not want to look at about themselves.  The most profound healing occurs by journeying into that darkness.  Magic is the art of changing consciousness.  There are many way to achieve this, including occult or yogic practices, or powerful psychedelics.  Chaos never judges.  What is a vice to one is a virtue to another.  What some consider medicine another condemns as a drug.  The only thing that matters is that it works.  For instance, I enjoy drinking beer.  It is pleasurable and keeps me grounded, rooted in my body.  Some people don’t like alcohol, but it is all about how you use it.  One of my biases is against corporations.  They represent everything about a system that values profit over people.  But in my work with Chaos, I understand that I can take existing structures and use them to serve the aims the highest good.  So if I can utilize a corporate sponsor to help spread the message of the New Paradigm then it serves its purpose.  Plus it is 2012 and we are supposed to have the best parties ever.  I am certainly open to sponsorship and will consider all products, especially beer.  So please send me your offers.

Because of our dual nature we sometimes forget that the Universe is Perfect.  If there are any problems, the problem is you.  On the level of the Individual, our aim is to express our highest potential as a unique individual.  But because of the fractal nature of reality, we are always a perfect expression of that higher Perfection.  So any problems you perceive as existing in the world are actually just your perception.  The process of ascension or the Paradigm Shift is into a higher state of consciousness beyond duality.  It is happening on a mass collective level, but it will happen for each individual in their own time.  Personally, I have been in this consciousness for many years and it feels like I’m living chronologically in the present for the first time.  It is as if the soundtrack was never quite synched up to the film, and I’m actually hearing what is happening several frames ahead before it actually happens.  But any type of precognition I’ve experienced has always proven to be correct, because it is aligned to the Highest Truth in Service to the Good of All.

My first 2012 party, back in 2006.

As long as we still perceive duality, we have some work to do on a healing level.  Ascended Masters and the highest spiritual beings are beyond duality all together.  A key to the Paradigm Shift is for those of us who still perceive duality to begin to see each living being as ourselves.  Ultimately, the harm our actions cause another is harm done to ourselves.  A more equitable balance of the Divine Feminine and Masculine would result in a society based on mutual aid and collaboration rather than the competition model of the present.  When each individual treats every other person as a God or Goddess, we will create a paradise upon the earth.  But in order for that to happen, each person must start by harmonizing the God and Goddess within themselves.  Sometimes that will require more light energy, sometimes more dark energy.  After all, even the Grandma Ayahuasca can be a very dark and bitter medicine.

The Occupy Movement and other global uprisings are expressions of a shift in consciousness toward a New Paradigm.  Those of us who spent our days in Liberty Plaza (Zuccotti Park) could feel that we were living History, because we were making it.  It was the Peak Experience described by the psychologist Abraham Maslow, on a collective level.  2012 is a gateway into the collective peak experience as well.  The language of the Unconscious Mind is expressed in myth and symbols.  Numerous prophecies and ideas about what might happen in 2012 abound because the date is deeply encoded in the Collective Unconscious.  Linear, chronological time merges with archaic mythological time of the Collective Unconscious.  All of this relates to astrological alignments, which our forebearers who lived in mythological time had a better understanding of and passed down to us in myths and symbols.  The Universe is perfect and the awakening is happening as it must.

The idea of the 99% is useful as a slogan.  It helps to uncover the relationships of privilege in society and the consequences.  But it is not an entirely accurate framework.  For example, the middle class in the U.S.A. is actually the 1% to the Third World.  The consumerism and material standard of living of the American middle class could not exist or be sustained without the poverty of the Third World.  Furthermore, when we speak of the 1% we usually think of the corporate leaders and bankers at the very top of the global finance system.  What we don’t account for is that this system is relatively new in the general scheme of power.  If you want to talk about the controlling 1%, you have to talk about the ruling dynasties of Europe and their minions in the elite banking families.  Then you are talking about something much smaller, perhaps the .000001%.  The Queen of England, for instance, is the Sovereign of 32 nations and territories.  She owns 1/6th of the Earth’s non-ocean surface, and is the most wealthy and powerful person in the world by a considerable margin.  The idea that Her Majesty is merely a symbolic leader and a sentimental figurehead is purely propaganda.  So perhaps it is more important to examine which aspects of your life that you privileged, what consequences your privilege has had for others and in what ways have you been less than unconditionally loving, than to define yourself as part of the 99% or the 1%.  Because if you make an assumption about which side you are on, you likely are wrong.

It is the Year of The Dragon according the Chinese lunar calendar.  The Dragon refers to the Royal Dragon Court Grail bloodline.  It is part of the ancient bloodline of current nobility of Europe.  The reason it is royal is because it is an extraterrestrial bloodline.  This bloodline gave rise to patriarchy and the supremacy of the Divine Masculine.  Examining this bloodline and the karmas attached to it is part of the healing process of humanity.

With the galactic alignment of 2012 we will be shifting back to a more equitable balance of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.  Mythic time and chronological time will synchronize, and our consciousness will break through Consensus Trance Reality.  We will receive revelations about our true extraterrestrial origins, our ancient bloodlines and lineages.  The lies that have been sold to us to keep us controlled will be exposed, we will then attempt to Occupy greater land and resources and create our own sovereign territories.  It is all kinda like Star Wars, which obviously is a myth based on reality.  But basically, the Dark Side and the Force, the Empire and the rebellion, are within you.

So Fucking Deal With It!