Friday, June 22, 2012

5 proposals

I have always been an anarchist, but since not everyone is as enlightened as I am and No Government is a long way away I would settle for government that actually works. Here are 5 proposals that would actually make government work.

1. Tax the Church. I've just created billions of dollars of revenue simply by adhering to the First Amendment separation of church and state. Besides, we are a SECULAR nation, the Constitution could not be clearer in stating no establishment of religion. Yet the religious conservative movement is exerting way too much influence over political discourse. Issues such as Gay Marriage, abortion and contraception are Individual personal or medical choices, not subjects to be legislated. These distractions from real issues within the domain of governance can be removed simply by powerfully affirming that our nation was designed to be secular, while religious matters are private. Churches need to be subject to the same rules as corporations and non-profits regarding political activity and should be taxed the same.

2. Eliminate Income Tax, instead institute a Single Tax on Land Value. By making land common property, I've made housing affordable for everyone and by allowing workers to keep their income, I've raised the standard of living to a level that would virtually eliminate poverty. According to Geoist philosophy, people own their labor and the things they create, while the things of nature belong equally to all. Taxing land instead of income would reduce income inequality. The wealthy could keep their income, but pay heavily for the 5 houses they own.

3. End the Drug War. This would cut billions in taxpayer expenditures, shrink the defense budget used to prosecute the drug war, put terrorist and drug cartels out of the drug business through legalization and taxation, and reduce prison populations by more than 1 million. Legalization of medical marijuana would create billions in tax revenue and milions of new jobs. The tax money could then be used to fund drug treatment and holistic healing centers instead of incarceration. No victim, no crime. This of course would also deprive the CIA of funding being that it is th worlds largest drug dealer and force accountability in the intelligence community.

4. Abolish Usury. The classic definition of usary is to lend money on interest. Since this practice is the basis of the entire global financial system, I don't know exactly what the solution would be in the modern context. I do know that Wall Street and the banking system should be completely shut down and reformed. The Federal Reserve, which is a private bank that loans money to the US Government on interest, is the prime example of usury and should be abolished. The power over currency should be restored to congress. Next, I would create at least some kind of cap as to how much money commercial banks can earn off a loan, regardless of how long it takes to repay it. Investment banking needs to be evaluated with much stronger restrictions on speculation. It would be helpful to move to a currency based on a tangible asset rather than fiat. Fractional Reserve banking is fraud and Wall Street is a casino.

5. No Taxation without Representation. No more career politicians. Since congress i s owned by banks, corporations and lobbyists, I would institute congressional term limits. It is harder to buy influence if congress is regularly rotated. I would like to see a new branch of congress composed entirely of unelected citizens. The 99% Commission. It be a random group of taxpayers that would get to view any bill before it is voted on and give approval or disapproval, which could then influence the vote. It would be citizens doing their job as citizens, which they don't do because the corporate media is bought off an doesn't keep them informed. This panel would be like serving jury duty. People are selected at random and have a chance to participate in the debate on the measure before congress votes. Congress can either amend the bill or ignore the citizen panel and vote anyway. It would be on record wether each new law was passed with or without consent of an independent citiens panel.

In conclusion, I've create billions in new revenue, cut billions in spending, created millions of jobs, eliminated poverty and homelessness, cut the income inequality gap, freed millions of nonviolent prisoners, reformed the finance sector, brought accountability and civic particiption to congress.

Tell me what Obama has done again?

This is Kelly Heresy and I approve of this message.

Now, what is your list of 5 things that you would change?


  1. These are some great ideas! I would love to stop paying rent in Fort McMurray, it's draining my wallet. I'm going to start applying what you said and see how I do.

  2. Hi Robynn! Thanks for reading and commenting! I don't update this blog anymore, but am still living rent free. Get in touch with me on facebook, screen name Kelly Heresy. I would love to find out more about what you are doing, and if you need any advice on how i am living rent free i would love to share with you. Thank you!!